About Us

To provide educational and paticipatory training to early care and education providers and families of young children in Miami-vDade County so they use materials from the ReThink and ReUse Center in creative, developmentally appropriate, and environmentally sensitive learning activities to enhance school readiness skills for all young children.

Young children birth-5 will have meaningful learning experiences using environmentally friendly and innovative solutions.


Empowerment: Children and adults explore innovative ways to spark creativity and promote feelings of accomplishment.

  1. Learning: Caregivers and families learn through an experiential process which facilitates their ability to stimulate creativity and learning in children.
  2. Preservation of the environment: Adults and children work together to promote community-wide ecological responsibility.
  3. Inclusion: Diverse groups collaborate to benefit all children birth-5 of Miami-Dade County.
  4. Stewardship: Organizational training of caregivers and families with reusable materials promotes cost effective management of available resources.